"People don't give to institutions. People give to people."

Fundraising Services:

  • Analysis of the organization’s current fund raising program.
  • Strategy for developing a comprehensive fund raising program.
  • Development of Case for Support.
  • Development of fund raising, marketing, and promotional materials.
  • Training of staff and volunteers in fund raising techniques.
  • Prospect research and identification.
  • Development of fund raising “initiatives” and proposals.
  • Grant writing for foundations and major gifts prospects.
  • Personal contact (telephone and face-to-face) and solicitation of key foundation and individual prospects.
  • Counsel: We have 23 years of association management experience and 10 years of fund raising experience.

Organizational Management:

Although Funding Freedom specializes in fund raising, we are able to offer advice and counsel on basic association management principles and techniques. Our clients are always a phone call away from more than two decades of association management experience and the counsel of a Certified Association Executive.

Custom Services:

Since each organization is different an initial analysis is conducted to determine the areas of need. Then time is spent focused on those particular areas. Our first goal will be to dispel some of the myths and mystique of fund raising, and to develop a corporate culture in which major, consistent, and repetitive gifts are cultivated, encouraged, and secured. Our second goal during this introductory stage is to leave the organization with a well-organized development system in place that will need only to be maintained and refined.

The benefit of retaining Funding Freedom on an ongoing basis is the ability to project an appearance to members and prospects of having a full-time development officer on staff. During the Civil War, Stonewall Jackson was famous for winning battles by intimidating his opponents with the appearance of many more troops than he actually had. Having a professional development officer on your staff helps to project the image of a solid stable organization. Who would want to support anything else?

Also, with an ongoing relationship, you can relax with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that as situations arise, you do have an expert on staff and don’t have to be concerned that you are not a development expert yourself.

"'What goes around comes around’ – applies to good things too!”
James E. Kostrava


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