Self Made Man

The “Self Made Man” is an original sculpture by Colorado artist, Bobbie Carlyle. Ms. Carlyle has graciously allowed Funding Freedom to adopt the “Self Made Man” as its symbol of self-reliance and the freedom philosophy.

The powerful image of the rugged “Self Made Man,” chiseling himself out of a solid block of rock captures the essence of the freedom philosophy – that left to his own devices, man will use his God-given talents to be creative, productive, and prosperous. Using free will, he will better his own situation and that of those around him, thereby influencing in a positive way his own destiny. This captures the philosophy of Funding Freedom and that of our clients.

Bobby Carlyle is very much the epitome of the “Self Made Woman.” A mother of seven, she is a hard-working survivor who has raised a large family on her own, and prospered through her own efforts, using her own hands to express in sculpture her creative genius. Funding Freedom is very grateful to Ms. Carlyle for allowing us to adopt her powerful symbol of the Self Made Man to help us communicate to the world this highly intangible idea of the freedom philosophy.

The “Self Made Man” is just one of many striking works of art created by this brilliant artist. To find out more about Bobbie Carlyle and her wonderful artwork, visit her website at or call her in Colorado a
t (970) 622-0213.

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